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National Certificate: Contact Centre

  • Qualification Title: National Certificate: Contact Centre
  • SAQA Qualification ID: 71490
  • Minimum Credits: 128
  • NQF Level: 2
Any individual who are or wish to be involved in the Contact Centre industry, will have access to this qualification. It also serves as the entry qualification into Contact Centre operations and management. Learners working towards this qualification will find that the acquisition of competence in the unit standards, which make up the qualification, will add value to learner`s job. This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry level service within the Contact Centre Industry.
This qualification is run over 12 months.
  • Numeracy at NQF Level 1 or equivalent.
  • English (verbal & written communication skills) at NQF Level 1 or equivalent.
  • Computer operating skills at NQF Level 2 or equivalent.
The qualifying learner will achieve this qualification by complying with the following rules of combination for the accumulation of credits totalling 128:
  • Core unit standards totalling 76 credits are compulsory.
  • Fundamental unit standards totalling 36 credits are compulsory.
  • Elective unit standards totalling a minimum of 16 credits.
  • Identify Contact Centre customers and their needs.
  • Respond to customers with factual and accurate information.
  • Gather and process data specifically related to Contact Centres.
  • Operate as a team member in a diverse working environment.
  • Perform to the required standards and requirements.
  • Implement and articulate operational activities in a Contact Centre.
  • Cluster 1 - ( 20 credits)
  • Cluster 2 - ( 40 credits)
  • Cluster 3 - ( 18 credits)
  • Cluster 4 - ( 22 credits)
  • Cluster 5 - ( 16 credits)
  • Cluster 6 - ( 16 credits)
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