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Since 2003 Training Force has been supporting learners and helping business grow with our leading training solutions. Here you can see firsthand what our work means to those who we proudly serve.

Learner Stories

Our Training Force learners take the opportunities presented and work hard to make the most of them. With support from world class facilitators, they all have the potential to reach their goals and graduate with heads held high. Meet some of our dedicated students right here.

Contact Centre level 2

Britney Jacobs

Britney describes herself as a fun and adventurous person. She’s also very passionate, confident, and always curious to learn in every aspect of life. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and listening to music. One day she hopes to work as a lawyer.


  • Britney’s one word to describe Training Force: Awesome

“Training Force is an excellent and awesome institution. I am learning so much from Training Force. I want to express how grateful I am for the opportunity that Training Force is offering me and others around me.”


  • Her favourite module in her course is: Cluster 5.

“It is very interesting and difficult. This is a very good challenge that I admire a lot.”

Business Administration 3

Kgathatso Moraka

Kgathatso is an incredibly fair gentleman who treats people the way he wants them to treat him. He understands that he is responsible for his own happiness and focus a lot of his time on learning and growing. In his free time, he does a lot of exercise which he says helps to keep his mind fresh.


This goes hand in hand with listening to music. He’s currently working hard to become financially independent so that he can help people and other families that need help


  • Kgathatso’s one word to describe Training Force: Future

“The culture of the company is everything. I am talking about respect, fairness, trust, and the growth mindset.”


  • His favourite module in his course is: All the clusters.

“They deal with research. This is one element I really enjoy doing. It led me in the right direction as I now I have a very good understanding of what I am doing.”

Contact Centre level 2

Emmanuel Rakgoale

Emmanuel describes himself as a highly dedicated person that works very hard and takes pride in his work. He spends his free time working on finding success and dreams of one day being an actor or TV presenter with a happy family.


  • Emmanuel’s one word to describe Training Force: Excellence.

“Training Force is excellent. The deliver proper knowledge and skill to all the learners.”


  • His favourite module in his course is: Cluster 4.

“It is challenging. But this pulls me to work hard and push myself to the limit. I get to grow throughout the challenges and most importantly learn.”

Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing Support

Matlhomola Kubuana

Matlhomola has strong interpersonal skills, a talent he has learnt from many organizations and his current role. As he has studied Civil Engineering, he has a deep passion for it.


During his free time he enjoys drawing houses, plans and working on architectural drawings. His dream in life is to build or to start a community organization that will help the community, highlighting challenges faced such as awareness of teenage pregnancy and drug addiction.

  • Matlhomola’s one word to describe Training Force: Amazing

“Training Force has given me an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow within the qualification that I am embarking on, I am really grateful for being part of this organization.”

  • His favourite module in his course is: Cluster 2

“It teaches all the aspects of a Call Centre and how to deal with differences forced in a workplace as that might be something that can help one deal with workplace challenges.”

End User Computer

Edward Mokgokong

Edward sees himself as an entrepreneur who works very hard and tries to be consistent in order to achieve his goals. Edward is also goal orientated and believes that no goal is beyond his reach if he is realistic with himself. During his free time, he studies and works on his business. Within this time, he conducts research to see where he can improve his businesses.


  • Edward’s one word to describe Training Force: Upskilling.

“The organization plays a huge role in changing lives. They give young South Africans an opportunity to learn and grow in the industry.”


  • Her favourite module in his course is: Cluster 5

“One element about myself is that I really love a challenge. This module really pushes me to be at my best.”

Systems Support

Bulelwa Sichotho

Bulelwa describes herself as a bubbly and friendly individual. One that takes pride in what that do and simply considers herself a hard worker. She tends to listen to music during her free time and of course, tries a few new movies here and there.


Bulelwa is a woman of dreams. Her biggest dream is to make her loving mother proud. She wants to achieve everything she has dreamed of. One of her dreams is to be a permanent Training Force employee.


  • As she describes Training Force as a Remarkable company. Bulelwa strongly believes that Training Force is massively impacting South Africa. She alluded that the company changes the lives of the people that are losing hope.

She hopes that there will be more companies to be formed and will assist in the crisis of unemployment in our country.

End User Computer

Lorina Lekaka

Lorina describes herself as a brave, smart and loving person. During her free time she enjoys writing and reading. With the addition of conducting research. One day she plans on establishing a financial company which will help and give confidence and skills to learners who want to grow financially.


  • Lorina’s one word to describe Training Force: Awesome

“The awesome sight of being a learner at Training Force. t was an awesome responsibility. We had an awesome task ahead of us. We had an awesome time at the training centres.”


  • His favourite module in his course is: Communications.

“The module has enhanced my communications skills. I am more confident to speak in front of a large audience.”

End User Computing

Constance Nghethwa

Constance loves and cares deeply for herself, and understand that she is responsible for her own happiness. In her free time she enjoys reading books, exercising and spending time with her family.


Her dream is to be financially independent and be able to take care of her family. Her career goal is to become a social-worker and spread awareness about social programmes and charitable organizations. She see our country’s high rate of unemployment as a serious issue, which leads to problems such as teenage pregnancy and abuse/violence against woman.


  • Constance’s one word to describe Training Force: Development

“It has given me an opportunity to grow and develop. Within 6 months I grew from being an intern to a permanent employee. I am truly grateful that it has developed me and people around me.”


  • Her favourite module in her course is: Module 1: Introduction of computers

“I like and enjoy working with computers and technology because I learn something new every day, and it is inspiring.”

System Support

Kyron Valentine

Kyron considers himself a true leader. An individual that loves their personal space and spends most of it gaming. During his free time, he invests his time in reading and conducting research. He does not read one stream of books but investigates having a variety of options.

Kyron’s biggest dream is to become someone that changes the world. Even if it is a small thing, he wants to change the world into a better place. He strongly believes one should contribute to the future of our country to be more specific. He further alluded that he sees Training Force as a factor of hope in changing the country for the better.

  • His favourite module thus far is : Module 1: Systems Support, He says that it has taught him the differences between LAN and WAN. An element that he was struggling heavily to understand.

Post her studies she wants to learn more about his favourite qualification. In other words, he wants to perform practicals and gain experience in that sense.

Systems Support

Athalia Phoshoko

Athalia Phoshoko describes herself as an individual that finds beauty and joy in the simplest things. Her opinion is more important to her but is still open to hearing what other people have to say. Athalia enjoys spending time with her friends and mostly her family.


She is a girl with big dreams, and one of them is wanting to utilize all her skills and experience in making a difference in her family and society. She describes Training Force as a progressive company. She alludes to it as a company of growth and innovation.


  • Her favourite module in the programme so far is Network Support Skills . Athalia says it is a very challenging and forces her to be at her best and think out of the box. Her goal is to work for Training Force in the Online System Support.

She mentions that the world problem she would like to change is the war that is constantly taking place. She believes that war is the leading cause of poverty, hunger, and crime.

Information technology: system support

Thembelike Mthimkhulu

Thembekile strongly believes in herself and is a people person. She is very confident and believes that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. During her free time, she does what most youngsters do, which is read and conduct research.
Her biggest dream is to become one of the top forensic pathologists.


Being part of the Training Force family has given her inspiration. She mentions that the organization inspires her to get an education and allows her to get started on her career.


  • Her favourite module is: Assembling server computers and peripherals form. The reason behind this is, she has always been curious about what a server looks like inside.

After completing her studies, she sees herself as one of the IT technicians at Training Force. And she hopes to see a decrease in the percentage of unemployment.

Information technology: System Support

Bakang Malebo

Bokang mentions that he is smart, multi-talented, and a very fast learner that can adjust very quickly to a new environment. In her free time, I like to exercise and jog around my block. Bokang strives to be the best in everything he commits to.

He alludes that Training Force has been nothing but awesome to him. He is confident he can take a step closer to her dream.


  • His favourite module is Information Technology. . Simply because the world is advancing, and we are lucky enough to not be left behind.

And after he graduates, he sees herself fully engaging in adulthood and blooming into the best version of herself.
Bokang mentions the most problematic situation in the world is poverty. He wishes to change this.

Contact Centre

Kheanu Dorasamy

The gentleman describes himself as a true believer in all his abilities. A person that is always looking for positives in every situation. He can work and communicate well with learners.

During his free time, he opts to play football, as he is part of a local club in his community. He also researches potential business ideas to better himself by having more knowledge of businesses. The core reason behind all the investment is that he wishes to start his own logistics business.

  • His favourite module in the programme so far is Cluster 5. He enjoys maths as he performed very well in e.

Yheanu describes Training Force as an organization of OPPORTUNITY. He believes the company gives opportunities to the youth that are unemployed but have the skills to get into the workplace.

After completing her studies, she sees herself as one of the IT technicians at Training Force. And she hopes to see a decrease in the percentage of unemployment.

Information technology: System Support

Kristen Sauls

Kristen is a bubbly woman, and she describes herself as a person who enjoys motivating other people by uplifting their spirit and getting them to strive. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching series on Netflix.

One of her biggest dreams is to travel the world, meet new people and become a successful businesswoman.

  • Kristen’s one word to describe Training Force: Excellent

“Training Force is an excellent training service provider that has assisted me in kick-starting my career in the contact centre industry. It has been an awesome journey with lots of sleepless nights during the learnership programme. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I wish that others could also get this wonderful experience I had with Training Force.”

  • Her favourite module in her course is: Cluster 3

“I enjoyed this module because it has taught me a lot about the contact centre industry. Including management of people and how one should supervise people in a call centre using a checklist.”

Technical Support

Nosipho Zwane

shepiso describes herself as a people person who enjoys being with like-minded people. She likes to seek things that inspire her to see life positively.


Nosipho is a strong self-believer with a good heart that looks for positivity in all things she does. She is an introvert that enjoys staying indoors during her free time and likes trying new baking recipes.

She also shared her biggest dream with us which is to live without fear and take on the world as it comes. She hopes to be prepared to deal with all the challenges that may come her way.


  • Nosipho describes Training Force as an Upskilling organisation because it improves and uplifts her too. She further alluded that the company could change one’s life if they believe in themselves. The common key about the institution is that it aims to make individuals transform to be the best version of themselves.


  • Nosipho’s favourite module is: Basic Communication Skills.Her heart falls under getting to know more about the industry and communicating it more to the target audience.

She sees herself as an integral part of a company that has helped contribute to the growth and success of the organisation. As she strongly feels that crime is the biggest problem in the world. She alluded that it is one challenge that interferes with economic and political progress.

Business Administration 3

Noxolo Sibisi

Noxolo describes herself as a very intellectual, empathetic, and compassionate individual who is very self-driven. She’s also a sociable person that gets along easily with people.


Her goal is to be financially independent and make a positive impact on other people’s lives. She believes that Training Force is an amazing company since it allowed her to get a proper work experience in the workplace.


  • Noxolo further elaborated on her favourite module, Financial Management as it examines the principles and practices of Financial Management.

After graduating, she sees herself perusing further education by enrolling in a programme that will further invest and upskill her knowledge.


Miss Sibisi sees poverty as the biggest world problem, and she would like to take this one on. She strongly believes that this problem cannot be tackled by individuals but by a group of dedicated people that want to change the world.

Business Administration 4

Zinhle Magaqa

Zinhle is an eager learner of new things, and she considers herself a hard worker. She enjoys conducting research and reading during her free time.


There is one thing she wants to commit to is being able to debate in conversations to enhance her intelligence and problem-solving skills.


Miss Magaqa’s biggest dream is to finish her LLB degree that she is currently pursuing and build a home for her family. Training Force has raised a high bar in her career launch path to achieve better things in life. She alludes that the company gives her the opportunity to grow and the edge to learn.

  • Her favourite module is: Fundamental Ethics.

The module grooms an individual to become a better employee within the workplace.

After the completion of her learnership, she hopes to secure a permanent job at Training Force. More specifically in the qualification she has obtained.

Contact Centre 2

Tshepiso Mthetho

shepiso describes herself as a people person who enjoys being with like-minded people. She likes to seek things that inspire her to see life positively.

Apart from being a people’s person, she values respect and she treats others how she wants to be treated. In her free time, she enjoys being with friends, trying new things, and going on holiday vacations with her family. One of her future plans is to get a permanent position at Training Force

  • Tshepiso’s one word to describe Training Force: Professional


“Training Force is one of the best training service provider I have ever been enrolled in. They are very professional, reliable, and supportive. I am grateful for this awesome opportunity that has helped me gain invaluable work experience. Since I have completed my learnership, I am now confident that I will secure a permanent contact centre job one day.”

  • Her favourite module in her course is: Addressing customer queries.

“It is my favourite because I get to work closely with different customers to understand and provide support wherever they need it.”

Contact Centre NQF 2

Minenhle Gasa

Technical Support

Thato Ncube

Thato is a very humble and hard-working individual that considers herself a very productive person. She enjoys listening to music during her free time as she believes it is a very therapeutic way to distress.


She further mentioned that her biggest dream is to be an independent, strong, God-fearing woman. In addition, she describes Training Force as an organisation of versatility. She says with her experience at the company she has witnessed different types of religions and cultures.


  • Her favourite module Cluster 1, Topic 2 – learning strategies. This helps in studying and simplifying my way of tackling tactical challenges. Thato sees herself employed as a technical director at a massive company.

Her biggest concern is the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Based on her observations she believes it is more on teenagers.

IT Technical Support

Karabo Nkone

Mr. Nkone describes himself as a very creative and goal-driven individual. He enjoys reading books, watching soccer, and spending time with his loved ones performing outdoor activities.


Karabo’s biggest dream is to be able to buy property. He wishes to buy property overseas and create job opportunities for the unemployed youth.


  • He describes Training Forceas a place of growth. He believes that it gives people growth as he has acquired a lot of skills and knowledge within the company. He hopes the skill set will assist him in the future to train the upcoming youth.


Mr. Nkone’s favourite module is Communication as he describes himself as a very creative person that enjoys engaging with people around him and gaining as much knowledge as possible regarding what he does.


He sees himself working at Training Force as a permanent employee in the operation department. However, sees the level of unemployment as a big challenge. He would like to own an organization that will offer training and skills programmes to help the unemployed acquire jobs and skills.

Business Administration

Anathi Mtsilane

Anathi mentions that he has achieved his mid-term goal which was to obtain his matric certificate. Mr. Mstilane believes he is on the right path in his life as he is currently completing a leadership with Training Force. He claims to be a very calm individual that does not react at all to pressure.


During his free time, he likes going out with his colleagues as they have recently launched a company soccer team. He mentions that he plays soccer as a hobby to free up his mind and forget about a few things that he handles outside his free time.


  • Anathi’s biggest goal is to assist his family. He wants to be the change by becoming the first professional engineer from his family. He further elaborates on Training Force a company of leaders.

He says Training Force is the best Training provider one can ever ask for. He mentions that it has taken him from the streets and allowed him to get employed.

  • His favourite module isbusiness administration as he enjoys preparing for meetings and performing administration work. After graduating, he sees himself working for one of the companies under the workforce group as a permanent employee.

Anathi mentions that there are no opportunities in small towns and therefore, I am grateful for this opportunity to be trained by one of the industry-leading training service providers.

Contact Centre 2

Angel Maphumulo

Angel considers herself a hard worker who performs very well under pressure. Her other characteristic is the ability to adapt to new changes. She has brilliant communication skills that help her understand people better.

One unique element about Angel is that she enjoys reading books during her free time as well as listening to music. She also likes going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle. She is a woman of goals in life, and she would like to become the most successful businesswoman.

  • She describes Training Force as a life changing organisation. She further alluded that it teaches learners to develop skill sets and improve themselves for the future. Her favourite module is Contact Centre 2. It is her favourite simply because it helps her build her confidence and assists her in managing situations better.

After graduation she would love to see herself working for a big company if not seeking an opportunity to further her studies. Agnel believes that the biggest problem in our economy and communities is unemployment not only in South Africa but in most of the countries.

Call Centre

Njabulo Sokhela

Njabulo is a very reserved young man, who always looks for positivity in life. He then further describes himself as being strong and open-minded to new things that life has to offer. During this free time, Njabulo likes to watch movies with his family and listen to music. He is a man of many talents, a songwriter, and an artist.

Apart from being a multi-talented individual, one of his biggest dreams is to become financially independent to build his identity as a musician and own a record label one day.

  • Njabulo continues and describes Training Force as a place that provides lots of opportunities to the youth of South Africa. In class, his favourite module is Call Centre because it helps him develop confidence and improve communication skills.

After graduating, he would love to see more doors open to gain experience on what he has learned at Training Force and secure a job with his accredited qualification. The big world problem that Njabulo would like to change is poverty and inequality in the workplace and amongst ourselves.

Call Centre Support

Ntando JiJi

Ntando considers himself humble and disciplined. The reason is that he was brought up by strict parents and this was instilled in him when he was a child. He enjoys working with computers to discover innovative ways to troubleshoot a computer.

One of the unique things that Ntando looks forward to doing in the future is to share his passion and knowledge with everyone. Apart from that, Ntando’s short-term goal is to practice and improve his typing skills and speed using the speed typing test.

  • He then further describes Training Force as a leading training service provider with 20 years of service in the training industry. His favourite module is Call Centre Support and the reason is that he has learned a lot about how to deal with people’s inquiries.

After graduating, he would love to see himself securing a permanent job in an IT company. His biggest dream is to own a company that will specialise in IT and computer technology. Once the company has been established I will only hire learners who were enrolled in learnership with Training Force to reduce youth unemployment.

Business Analysis NQF 5

Palesa Mokoena

Palesa is a funny, smart, and beautiful individual. During her free time, she likes to watch Netflix and chill. Her biggest goal is to live in the Western Cape, Camps Bay, and own a consultation company.

  • She touched on an important element when she described Training Force as a people’s business that changes lives.

She elaborated that the company is passionate about helping people because of the unemployment rate being high.

  • Her favourite module during the programme was Information Systems because she was learning a new skill that made her fall in love with IT. She sees herself going back to school and doing a qualification she has always wanted to do which is construction engineering

The biggest problem that she has observed is gender-based violence and unemployment. Which I think we can do better as a country to address this problem.

Contact Centre

Keorapetse Monyatsi

Keorapetse describes herself as a very polite individual that comes out very forgiving and peaceful. She is a go-getter and strongly believes in her abilities. She mentioned that she believes that for one to perform at their best, they have to constantly demand nothing but the best from themselves.

During her free time she mostly runs errands with her sister and most importantly tries by all means to spend time with her family as she considers herself a very family-orientated individual. One of her biggest dreams is to complete her current course namely, Human Resources. She is currently enrolled in a 3-year Diploma at the University of Johannesburg.

  • Keorapetse went on to describe Training Force a nurturing organisation. She says Training Force makes sure that the learners get more exposure to what they have gained during the learnership.

Miss Monyatsi wishes to be enrolled in another educational programme once she completes her first learnership. She further elaborated that crime is one of the most common factor that is holding our country back. Should there be a chance to change this, she would implement the course of taking everyone into a learning space to obtain better skills.

Management 3

Itumeleng Mashilo

Itumeleng is a very artistic and open-minded individual who enjoys being outdoors. During her free time, she enjoys reading educational and fiction books. Itumeleng shared that her biggest goal is obtaining a dump truck ADT license.

  • She further elaborated that Training Force is an awesome organisation as there is plenty of fields to learn from and the people within the company are always willing to assist.

Her favourite module during the programme is performing junior management functions. Miss Mashilo wishes to do her practical course at Lekwa Consulting Engineering.

She believes that unemployment is the biggest problem, and it is more specifically for people who have qualifications in any field of study.

Business Administration NQF 3

Angelique Jeffries

Angelique Jeffries mentioned that she is a very unique person that considers herself a survivor and she is proud to call herself that.

During her free time, she enjoys cooking, cleaning, watching tv, and most importantly spending time with her loved ones. Angelique is a woman of goals, and her biggest dream is to own a massive business. She is a very spiritual person, and she wants to build a strong relationship with god.

  • She describes Training Force as a leading training service provider with 20 years of service in the training industry. an organisation that drives success in other people’s lives.

Her favourite module during the programme is Communication. The module illustrates how communication takes place within the companies.

Once she graduates, she wants to achieve everything she wanted in life with good intentions and positive thoughts. She strongly believes she is going to be a strong woman.
From her point of view, she sees load-shedding and food prices as the biggest challenge. The only way she believes that these will be solved is by instilling good protocols and procedures.