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Training Force

Posted 2 years ago

Inherent requirements:

• National Senior Certificate
• 1 to 2 years’ experience in a similar role or industry

Duties and responsibilities:

• Maintain high standards in terms of national project SETA administration for all regional branches
• Ensure high standards of national SETA administrative initiatives in terms of SETA compliance, company requirements and SETA processes and procedures
• Ensure high standards in national administrative initiatives in terms of SETA and legislative compliance
• Receive applications for approval
• Capture and verify that applications are supported by appropriate documentation
• Forward all requests for approval to the Skills Delivery Evaluation Committee
• Upload all approved projects to the project module
• Participate in the evaluation of applications and provide input
• Generate, distribute and receive contracts for signature by MD and applicant
• Ensure that signed contracts are received and filed in appropriate files
• Follow up on outstanding contracts
• Generate monthly reports on contracted, committed and balanced amounts against approved project budget
• Respond to requests from internal and external auditors
• Compile relevant statistics for inclusion in appropriate reports when required
• Maintain high standards in terms of national project SETA administration for all regional branches
• Provide feedback on application status
• Ensure that high standard of SETA compliance is in line with company requirements as well as SETA processes and procedures and legislative compliance
• Ensure that timelines are adhered to in terms of administrative requirements in line with company and SETA requirements
• Ensure the receipt of all administrative documents from Project Coordinators and file documents accordingly as required in terms of the SETA administration processes
• Submit learner agreements and relevant documents to the SETA Administrators
• Ensure that overall efficiency in terms of SETA related administration
• Ensure that all national projects (learnerships, apprenticeships, skills programmes) are registered and enrolled with the relevant SETAs
• Apply for project agreements from SETAs where applicable
• Engage with Project Coordinator to finalise SETA applications
• Follow-up on SETA applications and registration submissions within required timelines
• Submit learner agreements and documents to the relevant SETAs within the time frames as set by the various SETAs, but no more than one week from receipt of the learner agreements
• Ensure that submissions are done to both the stakeholder as well as qualification SETA
• Ensure that projects are administrated in line with SETA requirements in terms of uploads
• Ensure that internal moderation reports are forwarded to the SETA when applying for external moderation
• Apply for external moderation after required clusters and at the end of the project
• Communicate external moderation application to project coordinators to schedule external moderation for all qualifying projects with the relevant SETA
• Ensure that external moderation reports are received
• Request certificates of competence from the relevant QA
• Forward learner terminations, resignations, absconding or suspensions to relevant SETAs
• Request Workplace Approvals from SETA where applicable
• Adhere to the code of conduct of the company and all SETA’s
• Immediately address issues that a client may have and give feedback on the status
• Attend branch and SETA meetings
• Execute any other reasonable requests
• Stay abreast with current knowledge of each SETA’s accreditation process
• Coordinate SETA site visits
• Good understanding of Quality Management System (QMS)
• Create strong relationships with the SETAs and other relevant departments or authorities

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