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Training Force Reward & Recognition

Training Force Reward & Recognition


At Training Force, we believe in giving credit where it’s due. To further advance this belief we launched a rewards and recognition programme in October 2021, where we acknowledge top 5 performing employees within the business monthly. Employees undergo a monthly performance review with their managers where the top performers are identified. The top 5 performers are not only recognised but they also get to rub shoulders with Training Force MD, Daniel Orelowitz through a lunch date.


Top 5 performers for the month of November 2021, Khumo Sihlangu, Jeanette Motake, Hayley Fynn, Max Flara and Yashil Maharaj were recognised for their excellence and hard work. Khumo the top performer of the month had this to say about the monthly performance review, “The performance review process is a great way for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and what I can do better with the assistance from my manager. The process is quick.”


Through this mentorship and during these lunches the MD gets to share the company’s vision and emphasises the importance of mentorship, recognition and rewarding of employees.  The MD also benefits from these engagements as he also receives feedback and insights from operational people or people on the ground. Hayley Fynn expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to have lunch with the MD, “Having an open discussion with Daniel was something different and refreshing. Yes, he’s our “boss”, but it was nice hearing that he’s human too. And the way he explained certain things about the business was nice to hear. It gave me a new perspective about Training Force.


Jeanette had this to say about the recognition, “I personally feel that when you’re appreciated, you’ll improve your performance and communication. This has boosted me as an employee and encouraged my productivity.” Top performer, Yashil Maharaj agreed with this by saying, “being recognised as one of Training Forces top performers was truly an uplifting and motivating experience, it shows that our business does value its employees and recognises the efforts we make.”


The programme has been in full steam for 5 months and already has uplifted the spirits of those recognized and encouraged the rest of the employees to follow suite. In conclusion Daniel Orelowitz MD said; often people don’t feel seen in our organisation and we want them to know that we see and appreciate their hard work.”


By Nothando Matshoba

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