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Skills Programmes & Economic Transformation: Not Just Smoke and Mirrors

2017 marks 17 years’ worth of nation-wide effort to drive skills development and though progress has been slow, new measures have been put in place to transform South Africa’s economy and reduce youth unemployment. Now that the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard regards skills development as one of its priority elements, an increasing number of penalties await businesses who fail to comply. But compliance should not be the only reason that companies get involved with training and development.


Apart from tax incentives and rebates, businesses who do drive skills development internally – in the form of learnerships, short courses or skills programmes – are able to groom superior talent to absorb into their workforce. Plus, these businesses are contributing to the future of South Africa and ensuring that it’s a prosperous and sustainable one for the next generations.


Ensuring that employees within an organisation are properly trained is a competitive advantage for business. With the introduction of the latest B-BBEE codes, many companies are turning to skills programmes to equip current and future employees with the skills needed to succeed in the working world.


While skills programmes can help ensure optimal workplace performance, they also make learning manageable and help to reduce the amount of money, time, energy and resources a trainee has to invest in order to upskill. Skills programmes do not always result in a full qualification but they act as a foot in the door for individuals who do not have the means to afford tertiary education or individuals who cannot take time off of work to study further. In this way, businesses have a unique opportunity to do good and make a real impact on South Africa’s economy and its people. After all, one of the main reasons that the unemployment rate in the country is so high is due to a lack of skills and a general mistrust for the South African education system which makes entering the job market excruciatingly difficult for the youth as they may lack training as well as experience.


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