National Certificate: Freight Handling NQF 3


National Certificate: Freight Handling

  • Qualification Title: National Certificate: Freight Handling
  • SAQA Qualification ID: 57831
  • Minimum Credits: 128
  • NQF Level: 3
The safe handling of freight is dependent upon the applicable people complying with the relevant procedures and applying the necessary skills to their handling. Learners completing this qualification, in whatever area of specialisation selected, will be able to demonstrate the ability to consider a range of options related to their chosen field in order to make decisions and improve performance around, inter alia, freight handling administration, planning; goods handling, storage, transport planning, and basic freight handling equipment maintenance.
This qualification is run over 12 months.
  • Communication at NQF Level 2 or equivalent .
  • Numeracy at NQF Level 2 or equivalent.
  • Unit standard 123259 - As per legislature requirements learners must be 25 years or older.
The qualifying learner will achieve this qualification by complying with the following rules of combination for the accumulation of credits totalling 128:
  • Core unit standards totalling 59 credits are compulsory
  • Fundamental unit standards totalling 36 credits are compulsory
  • Elective unit standards totalling a minimum of 33 credits
  • Understand the principles of the freight handling business in South Africa.
  • Understand the composition of the supply chain in the transport industry.
  • Understand legislated and company-required health, safety, environmental and security practices.
  • Act responsibly when handling freight.
  • Cluster 1 - ( 20 credits)
  • Cluster 2 - ( 16 credits)
  • Cluster 3 - ( 29 credits)
  • Cluster 4 - ( 14 credits)
  • Cluster 5 - ( 16 credits)
  • Cluster 6 - ( 35 credits)
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