General Education & Training Certificate: Transport NQF 1


General Education & Training Certificate: Transport

  • Qualification Title: General Education and Training Certificate: Transport
  • SAQA Qualification ID: 59300
  • Minimum Credits: 120
  • NQF Level: 1
The purpose of this qualification is to provide learners with entry-level knowledge, skills and attitudes for the transport and logistics sector of the South African economy. Furthermore, qualifying learners will be afforded the choice of specialisation in any of the modes of transport.
This qualification is run over 12 months.
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 2.
  • Communication Competency at NQF Level 2.
  • Medical certificate and eye-test OR current PrDP licence.
This qualification is made up of fundamental, core and elective unit standards and a minimum of 138 credits is required to complete the qualification:
  • Core unit standards totaling 70 credits are compulsory.
  • Fundamental unit standards totaling 36 credits are compulsory.
  • Elective unit standards totaling 32 credits.
  • Communicate in a variety of ways and interact with internal and external workplace role-players.
  • Use mathematical conventions to solve personal problems and undertake workplace calculations for operational purposes.
  • Understand and explain the composition of the supply chain in relation to its role in the transport industry.
  • Apply the relevant health, safety, security and environment legislation, policies and practices in the transport industry.
  • Demonstrate life-skills and entry-level workplace skills in the transport environment.
  • Cluster 1 - ( 27 credits)
  • Cluster 2 - ( 28 credits)
  • Cluster 3 - ( 8 credits)
  • Cluster 4 - ( 14 credits)
  • Cluster 5 - ( 8 credits)
  • Cluster 6 Specialisation - Freight Handling ( 35 credits)
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