National Certificate: Construction Road Works NQF 2


National Certificate: Construction Road Works

  • Qualification Title: National Certificate: Construction Road Works
  • SAQA Qualification ID: 24133
  • Minimum Credits: 120
  • NQF Level: 2
This qualification is for persons who work or intend to work within a construction context on a site, and who seek recognition for essential skills in construction operations in roadworks.
This qualification is run over 12 months.
  • Communication and Language at NQF Level 1
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1
This qualification is made up of Fundamental, Core and Elective unit standards and a minimum of 120 credits is required to complete the qualification:
  • Core unit standards totaling 38 credits are compulsory
  • Fundamental unit standards totaling 59 credits are compulsory
  • Elective unit standards totaling a minimum of 23 credits
Core exit level outcomes:
  • Identify and explain the role of different role players in the industry
  • Extract information from drawings and calculate quantities
  • Apply safety in all work processes
  • Records and maintain records all construction activities on site
  • Conduct general construction activities
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Implement roadside safety procedures
  • Identify describe and use materials in Civil Engineering Construction
  • Use and maintain small plant and equipment on a construction site
Fundamental exit level outcomes:
  • Show a critical awareness of language usage
  • Analyse and present information
  • Communicate appropriately to the purpose and situation
  • Use mathematics in the construction industry
  • Apply mathematical methods for different contexts
  • Apply algebraic notation and terminology appropriately
  • Read and use maps to enhance communication methods
  • Analyse cultural products in terms of shape, space and time
  • Calculate quantities
Elective exit level outcomes (depending on the electives chosen):
  • Apply hot mix asphalt
  • Apply productivity principles on a construction site
  • Batch and mix concrete buy volume
  • Conduct a bituminous seal operation
  • Erect fencing
  • Set out control point for center line and edge line marking for road marking
  • Cluster 1 - ( 59 credits)
  • Cluster 2 - ( 38 credits)
  • Cluster 3 - ( 56 credits)
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