First Aid Level 2


First Aid Level 2

  • Unit Standard Title: Perform basic first aid
  • SAQA Qualification ID: 12483
  • Credits: 4
  • NQF Level: 2
Qualifying learners can perform basic first aid at the scene of an accident to minimise the risk of further injury or death.
  • This course is presented over 3 days
  • First Aid Level 1
  • Explain and discuss basic first aid concepts
  • Determine the nature of the injury/medical emergency, the context of the injury and basic first aid
  • Apply basic first aid
  • Hand over the injured/ill person to medical personnel
  • Complete first aid report

Compliance to Occupational Health & Safety (OHSA) is the law for all businesses in South Africa. We provide training to enable employees to assess the work environment and implement the appropriate interventions to ensure compliance and safety for everyone.

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