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Mandatory Grant Submissions are now open till 30 April 2022!

Why is it important for your company to submit Mandatory Grants?


Every year Levy Paying Organizations need to submit their Annual Training Report (also known as ATR) and Workplace Skills Plan (also known as WSP) BY 30 April. When you submit your WSP/ATR in time, then 20% of the taxes you pay (Skills Development Levies/SDL) is designated as mandatory grants to fund education and training programmes contained in the WSP and ATR. When you fail to submit on time, the following consequences apply to your business:


  • You cannot claim any points on your Skills Development which is a Priority Component of your BEE Scorecard, which results in an automatic level drop in your Scorecard
  • You are no longer eligible to claim the training spend back in the form of mandatory grants from your relevant SETA
  • You may not be eligible to receive discretionary grant awards

Training Force has a team of specialists to assist you!
For Mandatory Grants Guidance, contact your nearest Training Force Branch!



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