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Health and Safety Training in South Africa: Upskilling for a Better South Africa

Though South Africa has achieved a remarkable level of stability compared to its African neighbours, it still faces an enormous amount of challenges. One of the greatest challenges of the nation at present is political strain within the governing party as well as high levels of unemployment, acute inequality and underdevelopment – to name a few.


Furthermore, a growing population of unskilled youths and slow economic growth is not helping South Africa’s case. We know that the situation is a deep-rooted one which requires the attention of government as well as private institutions in order to be rectified.


Indeed it is trying times in South Africa but there is hope amidst the chaos in the form of opportunity. As skills development rises in priority on the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard, more and more businesses are joining the shift towards developing ca more equipped and work-force ready youth.


Following the latest amendments to the B-BBEE codes, a growing number of companies are approaching Training Force to fully quantify their staff and handle skills development. We offer skills development training in the form of short courses, learnerships and skills programmes.


Our health and welfare short courses are relevant for a number of industries including the transport and construction industry. We provide training to enable employees to assess the work environment and implement the appropriate interventions to ensure compliance and safety for everyone.

Health and Safety Compliance Training Courses