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Grooming South African Talent for the Workplace

In the words of Africa Data Forum CEO Shepherd Mzinyathi, “Learnerships act as an effective way to groom students for an efficient transition to the general business world and company culture.” Today more and more companies are turning to learnerships to drive skills development and empower unskilled South Africans and the youth in particular.


Learnership training is an effective way of improving the talent of one’s own organisation while also contributing to nation-wide efforts to narrow the skills gap and fasten the pace of radical economic transformation.  According to research conducted by Cole (2001), some of the benefits of upskilling employees include higher morale, lower cost of production and lower turnover, better management, enhanced responsibility and improved availability and quality of staff.


Of course, there’s also the added incentive of tax rebates and levelling up on the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard which now places added emphasis on skills development initiatives. Learn more about learnership tax incentives


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