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A bigger and better Training Force Durban

After months of searching for the ideal location for the new Training Force Durban offices, the perfect premises were found opposite the old Training Force office block in the very same business park.


After brainstorming and planning what to do with the new, larger space, permission was granted to start building drywall on the 21st of March. Friends and family even pitched in and the space was divided up, walls erected, and Training Force green paint used to brighten the space and add some brand identity.


The office space and training room sizes are a marked upgrade to the old Springfield office. Students now also have a canteen where they can have their lunch and coffee away from their class setting, an amenity they certainly make use of and thoroughly enjoy.


With the move came the obvious need for a new risk assessments and safety file. The risk assessment has been completed and all office risk is being addressed with toolbox talk topics and sessions planned monthly. The staff feel secure knowing the space is now legally compliant with a safety and health legal compliance audit score of 99.21%.


The ablution facilities are now equipped for wheelchair access and people with disabilities are finding it comfortable and more practical than the old premises. We have only signed a lease agreement for a year but are looking forward to 2 years in the new premises before we consider upgrading once again.


The new inclusive and professional premises will certainly allow for more visits from corporate clients eager to send their staff for expert training.